Art and Science

Click on a link and create!

Create 3D maps with drag and drop backgrounds, landscapes and buildings


Sketch a character, inflate it into 3D, and animate it using Monster Mash!

Monster Mash

Explore machine learning to create your own fun opera songs!

 Blob Opera

Feeling a little stressed out? Click on ‘This is Sand’ and make some relaxing sand art.

 This Is Sand

Create your own music with help of your own crew of beatboxers!


Make your own logo you can copy and paste into Slides, Docs…


Chrome Music Lab is full of great experiments involving music and exploring sound. Definitely one of my favourites 🙂

   Chrome Music Lab

Neon Flames is just another calming site to explore.


Open up AutoDraw, start to draw something and you’ll be amazed how well this site can predict what you are drawing. It’s a great way to make digital creations.


We can’t control everything, but on this site we can control the weather! Simple, but kind of fun 🙂

 Control the Weather!

Google Mix Lab is a fun one. Open up the site, enable your mic and create a song using voice commands. Try saying things like “give me a hip hop beat”, “add some rock guitar” or “slow it down”.

  Google MixLab

WeaveSilk is a fun way to make relaxing, symmetrical design. Click and create 🙂

 WeaveSilk (symmetrical designs) 

Make some fun designs while learning all about symmetry on ‘Lines of Symmetry’.

attributes   Lines of Symmetry

Here are some great science links!

Have you ever played 20 questions before? Google Mystery animal is a great way to play this always fun game while at home.

  Google Mystery Animal

Explore our planet with Google Earth!

  Google Earth

Things getting a little noisy? Make your own customized noise regulator!

  Bouncy Balls

Wonderopolis is full of amazing facts and explanations for thousands of questions you might have. Learn something new today!

wonder Wonderopolis

Always a favourite in primary classrooms, PebbleGo is a great site for learning all about animals and their habitats. *Sign in required

PG_DB Pebble Go